Venetian Blinds

What Are Venetian Blinds?

While Venetian blinds may not be the most popular type of window covering on offer these days, they certainly do have their uses – and those who are planning to install some could benefit from finding out just how much of a difference they could make to the overall aesthetic of a home.

Why choose Venetian blinds?

While Roman blinds and roller shades may be more trendy types of treatment, that doesn’t mean that the Venetian blind isn’t as good. In fact, some find that they can be better in quite a few ways – which is why many individuals find that installing them is a great option.

Mainly, this is due to the fact that they can be manoeuvred to let in natural light from the sun or to stop others from being able to see what goes on inside the home – and often, all it takes is the pull of a string to open and close them.

Customising the right Venetian Blinds

There’s nothing worse than buying something, only to realise that it’s not quite right. Fortunately for those who choose these kinds of shades for their property, most find them to be easily customisable – giving individuals the chance to alter their shades to make them perfect for their unique requirements.

While changing the slats isn’t very common, many choose to paint them to match the colour of their walls – as well as replacing the cord and knob with something that suits their home better. Luckily, these kinds of projects don’t tend to be too difficult to complete.

What design style do Venetian blinds work with?

These types of shades are well-known for their functionality – but fortunately for those who want to improve the aesthetics of their home, they can also add to the style of a property, too.

However, where some types of window coverings are plain and simple (making them perfect in a minimalist-design home), others fit right in with an overly decorated property. So, where are they at their best?

They can often be elegant, versatile and modern; which is a combination that can work for almost anyone. Because of this, these kinds of window screens are often great in just about any home – and while they can often look great in a house of any kind, they don’t tend to draw too much attention to themselves.

As a result, they’re not usually very distracting to onlookers, but they’re still a nice (and practical) feature to make use of.